Sterilization Indicators


Sterilization Indicators

3M Comply SteriGage Sterilization Chemical Test System

Smile Signature thailand dental clinics view dental sterilization as a of top priority. Our thailand dental clinics takes an additional infection controls and dental sterilization at another level by checking our dental sterilization efforts.

In addition to having simply autoclaving our instruments using sterilization machines. Smile Signature thailand dental clinics also uses Comply SteriGage Chemical Indicator by 3M to monitor te exposure of steam and EO conditions in the individaul viewpacks of our dental instruments.

The SteriGage Chemical Indicator used at our thailad dental clinics provides a visual accept/reject chemical readout to check that the autoclaving steam sterilization has indeed reached its requirment sterilization steam sterilization point within the dental instrument viewpack to confirm that sufficient sterilization conditions have occurred.