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Dental Diagnosis
Dental Diagnosis

Dental Diagnosis is the most important aspect in modern dentistry in drawing up a proper and succesful treatment plan and having a dental checkup.

Only certified and experienced thailand dentists work with us. Our modern equipments and techniques support us in the role of diagnosising dental diseases as well as providing the best possible comfort and protection in dental care.

Teeth polishing
Teeth polishing

Teeth polishing or prophylaxis removes plaque or stains remaining on the teeth after thorough scaling.

The purpose of polishing tooth surfaces is to make these surfaces smooth which makes it more difficult for plaque and debris to accumulate on your teeth to cause decay or gum disease.


Scaling is the procedure to remove calculus (tartar) and soft deposits (plaque) from the teeth. Calculus removal is part of each professional tooth cleaning.

Scaling and teeth polishing is a preventive procedure and is a first-line defense against dental problems.

Dental fillings

Dental fillings are done after cavities in teeth are removed. There are two basic types of fillings used:
- Traditional Amalgam Dental Fillings
- Composite Resin Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

Smile Signature dental clinics in thailand are amalgam-free dental clinics. Our thailand dentist is able to provide additional IAOMT technique for the safe removal of amalgam dental fillings.