Orthodontics Technology

Orthodontic Technology at Smile Signature Dental Thailand

Orthodontics Technology

Orthodontics treatment has undergone a technological revolution since its concept in aligning teeth. New materials and orthodontic technology techniques has now made braces non-visible, improved patient comfort reduce treatment time for certain cases. Orthodontic technology advances at Smile Signature dental thailand orthodontist uses include:
- Dental Braces Bracket Bonding
- Dental Braces Titanium Archwire
- Clear Dental Braces
- Removable Braces or Invisalign
- Colorful Bands and Retainers

Direct Bracket Bonding for Dental braces

Unlike the past whereby individual bands are made of stainless steel and cemented to each individual tooth thus creating an unappealing metallic image, today's orthodontic technology has enabled brackets to be bonded directly on patientsí teeth. This has made orthodontic braces less noticeable and more comfortable.

Dental Braces Titanium Archwire

The titanium wires worn around braces were developed through the US space program. The wires are made from resilient metals which flexible and retain a pre-formed shape. These wires are easier for your thailand orthodontist to apply and require fewer wire replacements for less appointment adjustments visits, less discomfort and shorter treatment time at our dental thailand clinics.

Clear Brackets and Clear Braces

Clear, ceramic, tooth-colored brackets now enables braces to be non-visible. The translucent white brackets blend with teeth color. Or sometimes, the clear, transparent brackets allows natural teeth color to be seen. These clear braces are increasingly popular amongst working adults and patient who may be self-consciousness in wearing metal braces.

Removable Braces

Invisalign is a clear and removable way to have orthodontic treatment. Invisalign uses clear retainers trays in aligning teeth. Because Invisalign is removable, this makes having orthodontic treatment more comfortable and less visible. Invisalign are not applicable to all cases and should be checked with your dental thailand orthodontist.

Colorful Bands and Retainers

Patients wearing dental braces are abl to change the colors of their dental elastics from neons to pastels to coordinate with their outfits, festive holidays or lifestyle fashion statement.

Retainers that are normally worn after the dental braces treatment is completed can now also be customized in various colors other in making orthodontic fun and lively.