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Full Arch Implant Supported Dentures

Full Arch Implant Supported Dentures

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- Full Arch Overdentures
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Overdentures may be worn over tooth implants giving the advantage of better retention then simply wearing complete dentures. The overdentures are clicked onto bars or balls attached to the tooth implants.

The actual number of tooth implants placed will be dependent on bone condition and case. A checkup and diagnosis would be required before determining what is most approprioate for your case by your thailand implantologist.

Benefits of Full Arch Implant Supported Dentures

- Overdenture are stablized with tooth implants for better retention
- Possiblility of modifying and using existing dentures on tooth implants
- Implant dentuers are removable
- Implant dentuers are simple and inexpensive

Installing Full Arch Implant Supported Dentuers

The course of implant dentures treatment described here is one of several options available. Consult your thailand implantologist to find out what the best solution is for you, given your specific condition.

Full Arch Overdentures
1. Before the procedure

The thailand implantologist determines what needs to be done and prepares both himself and the patient for the coming tooth implants treatment procedure.

Full Arch Overdentures
2. Installing the tooth implants

The first step is installing tooth implants by your thailand implantologist is to replace the lost tooth roots. In this of illustration case, two tooth implants are used. Existing removable dentures may be modified or a new set of temporary dentures done that enable you to eat and function like normal while waiting the permanent overdentures to be installed.

Full Arch Overdentures
3. Attaching the Overdentures

Balls or bars are attached to the tooth implants and the permanent overdentures is made and securely fitted on the tooth implants by your thailand implantologist.

4. End result

The implant supported dentures or implant dentures provide better retention and comfort in wearing full dentures as the overdentures do not slip out.

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Case Implant All-On-4


Thailand Dental Specialists

  1. Dr. Kittichote Boonsri DDS., MSc.,
    - DDS., Prince of Songkla University
    - Certificate Medical Science in Dentistry, University of London, UK
    - MSc., Implant Dentistry, University College London (UCL) , UK
    - Ex-Lecturer in Oral Surgery at Prince of Songkla University
    - Ex-Lecturer in Implantology at Mahidol University
  2. Dr. Dr. Boworn Klongnoi DDS., MD.,
    - DDS., MD., Dr. Med., Dr. Med. Dent.,
    - German Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    - Thai Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  3. Dr.Thanit Soonpan DDS.,
    DDS., Mahidol University
    MSc., in Prosthodontist (International Program), Mahidol University