Dental Implants

Dental Implant Technologies at Thailand Dental Clinic

Dental Implants

Dental Implant Technologies at Thailand Dental Clinic

With advances in techniques and technologies, doing and having dental implants in Thailand has been simplied with shorter treatment time by our thailand implantologists:
- OsseoCare Dental Implant Surgical Set
- Dental X-ray Machines
- CT Scans Dental Imaging
- 3D Computerized Planning
- Dental Implant Innovative Surfaces & Materials

Dental Implant Surgical Set

Thailand dental clinic uses the dental implant surgical sets from Nobel Biocare and Straumann. The dental implant surgical set assists in measuring and drilling during dentoalveolar surgery and for dental implant site preparation.

With such technological developments in surgical sets, patient safety and predictability of immediate loaded dental implants is now enhanced during dental implant treatments.

Dental X-ray Machines

Panoramic x-rays will normally be taken prior to the start of dental implant treatments at thailand dental clinic by your thailand implantologists to view the bone quality, bone density and plan for dental implant placement.

Having panoramic x-rays and 3D CT Scans eliminates surprises during dental implant surgery by providing a more accurate and comprehensive information about the patient's anatomy. Dental imaging also enables flapless surgery now to be done whereby no incisions are made in the patient's mouth.

Simplant Computerized Planning at Thailand Dental Clinic

3D pre-operative planning software that may be used at thailand dental clinic now enable viewing functionalities of axial, sagital and coronal images as well as cross-sections and panoramic images.

Planning software such as Simplant gives 3D visualization and simulation of dentla implant placement and bone augmentation procedure by thailand implantologists.

Thailand Dental Implant Surface Innovations & Materials

New advances in the dental implants material types and surfaces now enables increased confidence for one day dental implants or immediate load dental implants. This means that dental implants may now be placed for immediate function and healing time for osseointegration has been reduced from the conventional 6 months to just 3-4 weeks at thailand dental clinic.

ITI Struamann's SLActive Dental Implants has a chemically active and hydrophilic surface that promotes the initial healing reaction. This enables faster osseointegration, enhanced bone formation and higher implant stability.

ITI Struamann's Bone Level dental implants enables improved natural esthetics restorations due to increased scope for desitn in gingiva management from combining both SLActive surface technologies and Bone Control Design.

Roxolid and Titanium Bone Growth

New material types for dental implants such as Roxolid has also enabled smaller diameter implants with high strength. Histological analysis between Roxolid and titanium shows a better bone in-growth behavior for Roxolid implants as relative to titanium implants. Roxolid small diameter implants offer patients more thailand dental implant treatment options by thailand implantologists when preserving existing bone and vascular supply is important.