Invisalign Packages

Invisalign Packages in Thailand

Invisalign Packages

Invisalign that is clear, removable and aligns teeth without fixed braces. Smile Signature offers Invisalign packages:

Dental Treatment Fees

Package Fees
(Thai Baht)


 Invisalign Lite
 Invisalign i7
Start 49,000


Invisalign Lite applies to moderate to mild cases requiring 14 trays or less. Invisalign i7 applies to mild cases requiring 7 trays or less.

The above package programs cannot be exchanged for cash and is non-transferrable. Dental Packages may be changed without prior notice. Australian dental prices are simply estimates using exchange rate of AUD1 = THB26.

**Checkup and consultation is FREE at Smile Signature Dental Clinics. Treatment fees at Smile Signature dental clinics are standardized and fixed and kept transparent.

The above treatment fees are valid until 31st December 2019.

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Top Orthodontists in Thailand

At Smile Signtaure dental clinics, all our orthodontic braces cases are treated only by orthodontists in Thailand. Smile orthodontists are dentists graduated from the university certified in the specialization field of orthodontics in providing safe, proper diagnoses and treatment. Smile signature differientate from other thailand dental clinics in that our braces cases are not treated by general dentists or dentists that have undergone short-course orthodontic training. Our team of orthodontists include braces specialists graduated from UK and invisalign diamond providers.