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Is there discomfort involved in placing teeth implants?

Just as with any surgery, there can be some slightly discomfort during your bangkok dental implants treatment. However, anesthetic and pain-controlled medications are used to eliminate any discomfort at the time of the procedure. Approximately 95 percent of patients report discomfort of 0-2 on a scale of 0-10 the day after the teeth implants are placed. The implantologist will prescribe medications to ease any discomfort that may occur. Special care will be taken to stay in contact with you after the surgery to be sure that you remain comfortable post teeth implants placement.

How long does the teeth implants treatment take?

The complete teeth implants treatment takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks or shorter. Nowadays, in some cases, a temporary crowns can placed on immediately so called " Immediated loaded implants " or " One day implants " may be done at Smile Signature dental impalnt center. We are able to provide patients with temporary teeth if it is the anterior tooth by using a partial denture or temporary bridge. You are able elect to be with teeth at all times.

How long can I expect to be off work after placement of teeth implants?

Generally, we recommend the day of and the following day after surgery, that no strenuous exercise be done. Generally, taking time off work is not necessary for a single tooth replacement case because the teeth implants procedure is not more complex than a tooth extraction. However, the amount of time off required is an individual decision. You are able to bring this up with your implantologist at our dental implant center if concerned about this during your bangkok dental implants treatments.

Is there a chance of rejection of teeth implants?

The body does not reject teeth implants, as it might with soft tissue transplants such as a lung, heart or kidney. This does not mean that teeth implants cannot fail, but it would be due to other factors, such as improper force on teeth implants or other conditions or existing diseases of the patient or poor oral hygiene. Teeth implants are made of a material, titanium, that is totally compatible with body tissues and actually integrates with the surrounding bone and becomes part of the body.

Who is a candidate for teeth implants?

Anyone who is missing one or more (even all) of their teeth may be a candidate for teeth implants or bangkok dental implants treatments.

If one or a few of the teeth are missing, teeth implants in conjunction with a crown or bridge can replace those teeth and function as normal teeth without losing more bone and being subject to decay.

If all or most of your teeth are missing, then teeth implants may be placed to anchor a loose denture. Sometimes, if there is already some bone loss, bone can be added and regenerated or a technique called bone expansion can be used to create a more ideal site for the implant(s). Ultimately, a consultation with an implantologist who is knowledgable on these procedures during your bangkok dental implants treatment at Smile Signature thailand dental implant center can help determine your individual needs.

What can happen with missing teeth without treatment?

When you lose your teeth, you gradually lose the bone that supported them. As this bone disappears, problems with other teeth nearby and a lack of support for dentures, partials and bridges increase. These could include pain, mobility, lack of retention for prosthetics, sharp, painful ridges, mobile gum tissue and sore spots.

The tongue enlarges to accommodate spaces of missing teeth. With tooth loss, a five-fold decrease in function occurs and the diet shifts to softer foods. Also, when bone is lost, numbness to the lower lip or even the possibility of fracture of the jaw rises.

Since the bone is deteriorating, it will spread and deteriorate around healthy teeth and ultimately cause the loss of those teeth smiliar to a domino effect.

This progresssion affects the ability to provide the same treatment in the later stages of bone loss than if treatment had been started earlier in the process. It's much better to replace a tooth BEFORE these side effects occur. A patient risks the possibility of not being able to provide the same, simple type of bangkok dental implants treatment that would have been possible earlier if treatment is delayed.