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Procera Crowns at Thailand Dental Clinics

Procera All Ceram

Procera currently has two ceramic ranges including Procera Zirconia and Procera Alumina. Both types of materials are all porcelain restorations.

Procera Zirconia has good all–ceramic strength and enables high biting load pressure with an extremely high flexural strength. Procera Alumina has low fracture rate indicating minimal chipping smiliar to PFM crowns yet enabling light transmission for good esthetic.

Procera zirconia by Nobel Biocare can be used for procera crowns and procera bridges. Procera All Ceram restorations may also be used over dental implants.

Smile Signature Bangkok Dental Clinics Dental Crown Laboratory

Smile Signature has its own dedicated dental laboratories located on its main office building that specializes in aesthetic dental prosthetics enabling quick delivery timings and quality standards.