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IPS Empress System

IPS Empress

The IPS Empress System was started more than 20 years ago and is one of the most established ceramic restorative system used worldwide.

IPS Empress is a leucite glass-ceramic. More than 35 million IPS Empress restorations has been placed throughout the world. The IPS Empress all ceramic restorations do not have a metal core. This means that adjoining gum will show no dark metal edges. Ceramic material is colourfast, wear-resistant. All ceramic has low heat conduction that protects the dental nerve from sensitivity to temperature changes. IPS Empress all ceramics most apparent characteristic is that it enables light to shines through similiar to natural teeth providing natural looking aesthetics.

Smile Signature Bangkok Dental Clinics Dental Crown Laboratory

Smile Signature has its own dedicated dental laboratories located on its main office building that specializes in aesthetic dental prosthetics enabling quick delivery timings and quality standards.