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Cercon Tooth Crowns at Bangkok Dental Clinic

Cercon Smart Ceramics

Cercon Smart Ceramics

Cercon Zirconia provides a translucency that exceeds porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations and creates vitality similar to natural teeth. Zirconia (zirconium oxide, ZrO2) is a highly stable oxide ceramic used in industrial and medical applications for its strength and outstanding biocompatibility. Becuase Cercon Zirconia crowns delivers high-strength and toughness, they may be used for anterior or posterior regions.

With over two million dental units placed world-wide, Cercon Zirconia is fast becoming the crown and bridge material of choice as it is a proven esthetic metal-free option.

Benefits of Cercon Crowns

- Transformation toughing which resists cracking
- Low wear characteristics
- Excellent porcelain bond strength
- Tissue-friendly biocompatibility
- Low plaque adherence
- Longest clinical history of dental zirconias
- Over 1,300 MPa flexural strength
- Over 1,200 Cercon systems worldwide

Smile Signature Bangkok Dental Clinic Dental Crown Laboratory

Smile Signature bangkok dental clinic has its own dedicated dental laboratories located on its main office building that specializes in zirconia crowns cercon smart ceramic dental prosthetics including cercon crowns and cercon bridges enabling quick delivery timings and quality standards.